We are professional artists with over 25 years’ experience in the fine arts, with specialized studies in Spain, Venezuela and United States. We are both widely known with national and international awards.

                                               AWARDS (Aldo Muzzarelli)

·         1st  award. Painting Competition Bolívar Conservationist. Cojedes, Venezuela 1980.

·         1st  honorific  mention of painting . IV Annual Exhibition of Painting of the  College of Physicians.  San Carlos. Venezuela, 1983

·         Special award . Third  Festival of The Cabriales. Valencia. Venezuela,  1993.

·         Poster contest winner. Fairs of  San Carlos. Venezuela, 1993.

·         Best Landscape award. First edition of the  Fundacultura Annual Competition. Cojedes, 1993.

·         1st honorific  mention (Drawing).  IV Annual Exhibition of Visual Arts of Cojedes State, 1993.

·         Medal. Button of Gold  the City of San Carlos. San Carlos, 1994.

·         Best landscape award. Third edition of  Fundacultura Contest.Tinaquillo, Venezuela1996.

·         2nd award.  National Competition of  Painting of the  Naval Base Agustín Armario, Puerto Cabello, 1998.

·         Winner of competition . Portrait of Ezequiel Zamora.  UNELLEZ, San Carlos, 1999.

·          Honorable mention .  Annual Competition  of Ateneo de Carúpano. Carúpano, 1999.

·         Golden Cohaerí  award winner    as   Artist of the Year, Valencia, 1999.

·         Winner of the  Special  Award.(Sculpture Contest) : Coca Cola and the Art of Our People", Caracas, 1999.

·         Winner  of UNEFA  Award. National  Painting Competition  Federico Núñez Corona,  Museum of The Culture, Valencia,2006.

·         2nd award . Third National  Contest of Sacred Art of the  Ateneo  of Hatillo, Caracas 2007.

·         3RD  award.  XLI National Painting Contest of the Naval Base A. Armario, Puerto Cabello.  Venezuela,  2008.

·         2nd award  in  Painting.  4rth  Art Competition of the City of   Doral. Doral Rotary Club, Miami, Florida 2008.

·         1st   award .  IV National Drawing Contest  of The Llanos, San Carlos, 2008.

·         Winner of the UNESCO Honorific  Mention. XLII National Painting Contest of the Naval Base  A. Armario , Puerto Cabello, 2009.

·         1st  award.  7th  National  Contest for the  Rescue of  Drawing: Carlos Serfati. Guacara. Venezuela, 2010 .

·         Golden Orchid award winner  as   Artist of the Year. Valencia, 2010.

·         2nd award.  V Hall of Sacred Art of the Ateneo of Hatillo. Caracas, 2012.

·         2nd award . XXIII Annual Juried Fine Arts Exhibit. (Blue Ridge Arts Center. Seneca, South Carolina, 2015).

·         Award  Mary Lynn Pond . Anderson Arts Center. Anderson, SC, 2015

·           Honorable Mention. Annual Juried Exhibition of Spartamburg Public Libraries, Spartamburg, SC. 

·         3rd  award. All Natural Juried   Exhibit  (Blue Ridge  Arts Center. Seneca, SC.2016.

·          Best on Show  and award Chris Mixson, Art Flow Juried  Show, Allendale, SC.2015.

·          Award Sydney Berkereley . (Anderson Arts Center, Anderson, SC, 2016).

·          Best on Show. Flat Out Under Pressure 2016, (Metropolitan  Arts Council, Greenville, SC 2016)

·          1st  award in  Acrylic Painting.   58th Annual  Juried Show (Gadsden Art Association .Alabama, 2016).

·          2nd  award in Mixmedia.  58th Annual  Juried Show (Gadsden Art Association .Alabama ,2016).

·         Best on Show.   Annual Juried Art Show of  Belton Arts Center. Belton, SC, 2016)

·         Honorable mention. Small Works of the  Guild Gallery of Greenville, SC 2016.

·          Honorable Mention. 16th   Juried Show of the  Guild Gallery of Appalachian Arts Center. Blue Ridge. Georgia, 2016.

·         3rd place award in Acrylic Painting. 59th Annual  Juried Show del Gadsden Art Association , (Alabama, 2017).

-         2nd place award. 5th Annual Juried Exhibition, Spartanburg County Public Libraries, 2017. South Carolina, USA.


                               *AWARDS (Yelitza Diaz)

•     Author of the Seal  of the city of  Tinaquillo-Cojedes, 1993.

•     Winner of the  Enriqueta Salazar  Award  like the  best  student of the  School of Visual Arts Arturo Michelena. Valencia, Venezuela 1993.

•     2nd Prize in the  National Painting  Competition of the Venezuelan Society of Childcare and Pediatrics,  Caracas, Venezuela 1993.

•     2nd Prize in  the Contest of  Quick Painting of  Cabriales Foundation , Valencia 1994.

•     2nd Prize in the  Painting Contest of the Municipality, Tinaquillo 1995.

•     Special Prize in the First Exhibition of Paintings “FUNDACULTURA” Tinaquillo 1993.

•    1st  Mention of Honor  in  the Quick  Painting Contest of the Municipality. Tinaquillo, 1993.

•     Golden Button recognition   of the City of Tinaquillo,  1999.

•     Recognition of  Carabobo  Artists  Association  (ACAF) in the  XXX National  Contest  of The Arts of Fire. University    Gallery, Valencia. 2006.

•     Third prize for sculpture in the Third   Art Festival of the City of Doral. Florida, USA. 2008.

•     First Prize in the  National  Art Competition of the Baseball Museum.  Valencia,  2007.

•     1st  Prize in the  National Competition  of Visual Arts Demetrio Silva. Cojedes,  2008.

•     1st  Prize in Sculpture at  the National Art Contest  Juan Lovera, Caracas 2008.

•     Award  "Alcaldía de Naguanagua" in  the  National  Contest  of Artes del Fuego, University Gallery Braulio Salazar, Valencia 2008.

•     Award "Ceramics of Carabobo"  in the  National Contest of Artes del Fuego, University Gallery Braulio Salazar, Valencia, 2010

·         Best of Show, David Vandiver memorial award. 40th annual Juried Exhibition, Anderson Art Center. SC. 2015.

·         Purchase Award. “Amy & Don Chapman”, 40th annual Juried Exhibition, Anderson Art Center. SC. 2015.

·         Honorable Mention. 3rd Annual Juried Exhibition. Spartanburg city, South Carolina. USA, 2015.

·         Honorable Mention. ArtFlow, Salkehatchie Arts Center. Allendale, South Carolina, USA. 2015.

·         1st prize. Juried Show, Mayor City of Greer. Carolina del Sur. USA 2016.

·         Sheila & King, Purchase Award. 41st Annual Juried Show Anderson Arts Center, 2016.

·         Second prize. Juried Small Works Exhibition, Guild Gallery, Greenville, SC. 2016.

·         1st prize, 2017 Public Art Trail. Cultural Affairs, City of Mauldin. Big Sculpture ubicated in Mauldin Cultural Center, 101 East Butler Road, Mauldin SC 29662.

-         Librarian's award. 5th Annual Juried Exhibition, Spartanburg County Public Libraries, 2017. South Carolina, USA.